Hello WPCCSA Championship Teams, 

                The 2023 Country Club Championships will be at Butler Country Club on Tuesday, July 18th.  We will begin with diving around mid-day and then conclude with swimming in the evening.  We will recognize the top six finishers throughout the day and team champions at the end of each meet.  The schedule is as follows…. 

Diving Warmup….12-1 pm 

Diving Competition…..1:05-2:30 

Diving Awards….at the conclusion of the meet 

Swimming Warmup 




                8 & Under….4:40-4:50 (One Way ONLY) 

                One Way Sprints….4:50-5:00 

Swim Competition….5:05-8:30 

Swim awards will be given out for the top six finishers following events 6, 16, and 22.  We will take a minimum 10-minute break at those times to recognize the excellent achievements of our swimmers throughout the meet.  Swimming Team Champion and Overall Team Champion will be announced following the conclusion of awards for event 22. 

Each team will have a designated spot to set up a team tent.  Please bring your own chairs to sit in. 

A buffet and refreshments will be provided throughout the swimming portion of the meet.  Our snack shop will be open for diving but will close prior to swim warmups.  We will have designated areas for spectators to enjoy their food but we ask that you be courteous to other families that may need somewhere to enjoy their food and use the space only while eating.  Please submit a list of members and their account numbers when submitting your entries to streamline billing.  Attached is an excel spreadsheet to use when submitting. 

Parking will be limited at the club.  We will do our best to assist in parking, but some cars may be asked to park on a separate lot.  We will have golf cart shuttles to run you to and from your car. 

Teams are permitted 2 entries per individual event and 1 alternate.  You may submit one relay per event with up to 2 alternates.  The meet will be scored using the Championship Scoring noted in the WPCCSA Rule Book. 

Meet programs will be available for purchase at the meet for $5 a piece. 

There will be a Coaches Meeting at 4:45 at the deep end of the pool behind the diving boards.  We ask that each team send at least one representative to the meeting. 

Timers will be provided by a local club team.  Make sure to thank them for supporting our championship meet. 

There will be PIAA Officials conducting our meet.  They will enforce the rules as stated in the WPCCSA Rule Book.  Any questions regarding disqualifications will be answered.  We ask that you maintain a level of professionalism when speaking with the officials and represent your club brand to the highest possible standard. 

We hope to acquire a T-Shirt vendor where championship memorabilia can be purchased.   

Finally, we would like to remind you that all spectators are welcome at the meet.  Please feel free to invite grandma or grandpa, friends, and neighbors to watch your swimmers compete at the Western Pennsylvania Country Club Swimming Championships. 

Warm Regards, 

~Jeff Gavin 

BCC Pool Manager 

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